Chorus Partners With Hayylo To Support Workforce In Delivering Better Care

2 years ago
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Traditionally, clients contact a call centre in relation to any needs, requests for changes or feedback, putting unnecessary strain on the office and support team. For home and community care provider Chorus, it was time to alleviate the stress.

Chorus decided to partner with smart communication software provider Hayylo, to develop an app dedicated to the direct connection of clients and support workers. In an effort to alleviate the stress of thousands of calls to a central office, the app was created to provide full transparency of schedules, details, documentation and quick updates on visits directly between health teams, clients and families.

The result is genuinely a co-designed solution, made possible with the active collaboration of the Chorus office and support team to extract the best out of Hayylo’s features, to deliver a highly tailored and original product that eliminates loopholes and inefficiencies inherent in service delivery.


This project enables a consumer-centric service delivery by putting a tool into clients’ hands that allow easy access to the information they need to assess their health evolution against the hired services, such as schedules and care plans. Once the support workers also do the same, they get to discuss what is expected and what has been achieved. The result is a flowing and natural conversation between two equal and empowered parts.

Team approach

The concept of Health Teams is a key part of the project, bringing together frontline and support teams, clients, family, friends and the wider community. Members of the health team can get automatic updates and can send messages among themselves, ensuring client preferences are respected and knowledge shared. Individuals along all the care networks are connected and empowered by the visibility of information, awareness of their services and establishing trustworthy relationships. They now have total control and independence over the information they need when they need it.

Promising results

In the first three months, around 2,900 visit changes and 1,700 change notifications were requested over the app, which meant thousands of actions that did not have to be actioned manually. In addition, support workers displayed high initial engagement by sharing updates and expressing their satisfaction through testimonials such as, “You’d have to pry the app out our dead hands.”

For clients, they have been responsible for hundreds of actions created via the app, and now have greater confidence in Chorus. One client said, “It gives you confidence that someone will come and you’ll be in good hands.”

The success of this project sets new standards for the age services industry by proving that when you partner with your workforce, they will engage and deliver better health outcomes for clients. There will also be less staff turnover as they are now working in a much less stressful environment, and more profitability for the provider as logistic and scheduling costs are drastically reduced with a more digital and transparent workflow.

Recognised by industry

Chorus with Hayylo was recognised as a finalist in the Increasing Care and Service Productivity category in the 2021 innovAGEING National Awards.