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innovAGEING National Awards

Thursday 24th November 2022

The innovAGEING National Awards celebrates the achievements of organisations, teams, and individuals who have made our industry more consumer-centred, and/or successfully implemented a new and better way of doing things in the service of older Australians.

National Awards winners will be announced at the innovAGEING Awards event on 24 November 2022. The Awards will be judged by a panel of experts, and finalists will be notified by 28 October 2022.

Important Dates
  • Nominations close on 17 October 2022 by 5pm (AEST)
  • Finalists are notified on 28 October 2022
  • Awards event 24 November 2022


The Awards are open to all who have an interest in innovation in the age services industry.
Non-age services providers may submit an application. However, this must be supported by an age services provider for an identified joint initiative.
Nominated organisations, teams, and individuals must currently be working in the age services industry in Australia.
Nominees must inform the relevant organisation that they intend to submit a nomination.
Nominees may self-nominate. However, this must be supported by the employing organisation.

Award Categories

Improving Consumer Choice

This award showcases an organisation that has consumer-focussed initiatives that have tangibly improved the selection of quality services to older Australians.

Enhancing Consumer Experience

This award honours an organisation that has met demands for tailored services with a personalised and seamless experience where older Australians feel respected and engaged.

Realising Wellness and Re-Ablement

This award highlights an organisation that has a service delivery model that promotes independence, supporting older Australians to remain in their own homes and community.

Increasing Care and Service Productivity

This award recognises an organisation that has aligned staff, processes, data, and technology, resulting in increased quality care and services for older Australians.

Increasing Access to Care and Services

This award recognises an organisation that enables older Australians to easily access care and services across the organisation and age services ecosystem when needed/wanted.

Age Services Innovator of the Year

This award recognises an individual who has successfully led and implemented innovation that has changed the way their organisation operated and enhanced care delivery.

It’s time to celebrate your innovation wins