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Innovageing shared Stories for Caregivers's video.3 hours ago
Here's an interesting episode on technology and caring from our friends at Stories for Caregivers in Canada.
Stories for Caregivers
Today's technology can help caregivers and those they care for live healthier and safer lives. Technology of Caring looks at the benefits and challenges, and ultimately, hope. If this story speaks to you, please share it with others who care for someone. Connection and support are what keeps caregivers strong. --------------------------------------- Produced by M1 Films Inc. Produced with the participation of TELUS Fund:
Innovageing9 hours ago
“If we do not support the role of family caregivers and value them in this process, there is nothing we can do to bend the cost curve beyond what we’re doing...”
Innovageing2 days ago
It's been incredible collaborating with Flinders University's College of Nursing and Health Sciences to deliver Care Hack on 16-17 February in Adelaide. Come join us!
Innovageing3 days ago
Ageing and loneliness in Japan. Interesting article.
Innovageing4 days ago
"But as life has gotten longer, has it gotten healthier? Is 70 the new 50?"
Innovageing1 week ago
CES 2019 in Las Vegas has officially kicked off... nice to see aged care represented at this event...


3 hours ago
Here's an interesting video on #technology and #caring from our friends at @storiesforcare in Canada.
2 days ago
We're chuffed to work with @Flinders' College of Nursing and Health Sciences to deliver #CareHack on 16-17 February in Adelaide. #hackathon
2 days ago
This is an excellent initiative! Keep up the great work @acorn_network. #mentoring
innovAGEING photo
Samantha Bowen | Acorn Network @acorn_network
Our Acorn Mentoring Program is helping build the #ageing leaders of tomorrow, and showing them the opportunities for success are endless.
#counttheleader #mentor #agedcare #socialcare #careleader
2 days ago
Great example of an innovative #agedcare provider updating it's #brand to differentiate itself in the market, and highlighting its core values.